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2003- present


  1. Abstract and Podium Presentation at Philadelphia Academy of Surgery, 2009. Wu, C., Radecki, A., Lakin, G., Salhab, I., Flake, A., Kirschner, R., and Nah, H. Intra-amniotic delivery of an adenoviral vector expressing TGF-B3 rescues palatal fusion defect in TGF-B3 null disease models.
  2. Fakhry A, Ratisoontorn C, Vedhachalam C, Salhab I, Koyama E, Leboy P, Pacifici M, Kirschner R, Nah HD. Effects of FGF2/9 in calvarial bone cell cultures: Differentiation stage-dependent mitogenic effect, opposite regulation of BMP2 and noggin, and enhancement of osteogenic potential. Bone 36(2):254-266, Feb. 2005.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Article:

  1. Lakin GE*, Wu C*, Salhab I, Zajac A, Traas J, Dienno JJ, Davis P, Bergelson JM, Zoltick PW, Kirschner RE, Nah HD. Overexpression of IRF6 Rescues the Tfgb3-/- Mouse Palatal Fusion Defect. (Manuscript in preparation) *These two authors contributed equally to this work.


  1. Lakin GE, Zoltick PW, Salhab I, Kallewaard NL, Bergelson JM, Kirschner RE, Nah HD. Overexpression of IRF6 in the Medial Edge Epithelium of Embryonic Palatal Shelves Rescues the Fusion Defect in a TGF-b3-/- Mouse Palate in Organ Culture. Presented at the 19th Annual Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Poster Day in Philadelphia, PA, February 25th, 2009